Diversify your Real Estate Portfolio with Alts ~ Delaware Statutory Trusts (DSTs), Tenant In Common (TICs) and Qualified Opportunity Zone Funds (QOF)

~ tax advantaged real estate investing for Accredited Investors ~

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Our Mission

Guide real estate investors to Invest with Confidence 
~ diversified strategy available to Accredited Investors to build Real Estate wealth ~
Capital Gains Taxes

Selling Investment Real Estate triggers Capital Gains Tax - learn strategies to defer tax

More Time

Being a landlord takes time - we help investors take back control of their time

Succession Planning

Estate Planning is different with Real Estate - learn simple strategies

Equity Growth

Markets are changing - equity should be diversified in different asset classes and geographically

Cash Flow

Income from Real Estate investments can be distributions or tax shelters 

Income Tax

Tax brackets can change each year, successful portfolio management must adapt

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Why choose Forrest Wealth Strategies?
Experience and Relationships

The Marketplace of Alternative Real Estate Offerings (Alts) started in 2002 with IRS Revenue Procedure 2002-22.  We have been here since the start.  It's been a rocky ride through the Great Recession and Experience only comes with time.

With this knowledge, we guide investors through the often confusing marketplace of Alts.  Each client brings different experience and knowledge, we fill in the gaps. 

Real Estate has always been a relationship business.  Alts are no exception.  Our 20 year relationships will benefit our clients with access to information and all available offerings that pass our due diligence model.    

At the end of every day, the most important relationship we have is with you, our client.  It is our mission to guide our clients to invest with confidence. 

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Ask questions, discuss, brainstorm, read, review options, talk to professionals (CPAs, Attorneys, RE Agents)

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Decide what properties to sell, determine tax strategy, set timeline, assemble team, evaluate options


Sell, Exchange, Buy ... timing in this stage can be overwhelming, we will guide you through each step and manage deadlines 


Collect monthly, quarterly and annual reports, obtain tax documents, handle account changes, estate planning