Four Generations

The name Forrest is a family name.  My grandfather, Forrest Templeton, was a Real Estate Broker in Lake Oswego, Oregon.  I had many 'meetings' with him as a teenager and at the start of my career in deciding what direction to go in business.  My father, Forrest 'Daryl' Templeton was a Real Estate Broker in Bend, Oregon and Santa Fe, New Mexico as well as a 1031 Exchange Accommodator and one of the first professionals to offer 1031 qualified syndicated properties in the early 2000's to Accredited Investors.  I began working with my dad in 2000 and have been involved ever since.  

Forrest Wealth Strategies was launched in 2021.  My kids joined the family business and we wanted a name that reflected our history, as well as our dedication to helping clients build generational wealth that they will pass on, as we have.   

The connection with trees honors our roots in Oregon.  The rings on a tree trunk are a powerful demonstration of the growth that takes place year after year.  Much like Real Estate Investing, growth is sometimes slow, sometimes fast, there might be a fire, a drought or a flood, but the tree will persevere and continue it's growth and the journey is reflected in these rings. 

We look forward to being your guide to invest with confidence.   

Karen Templeton

Founder, Forrest Wealth Strategies